Unwanted car removal

Unwanted car removal

Any unwanted cars in your backyard? Remove unwanted cars and get paid for them. We accept all types of vehicles, no matter what their condition. We give free pick up for your car, motorcycle, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles so remove your unwanted car and you’ll get a good amount for it.

We have a record of paying top dollar for your junk cars in Melbourne, whether in whatever condition, How they manufacture or what their age will be. On our website, you will get an online quote form, after filling in your unwanted car details earn a dollar for your car in Melbourne within minutes. Whether your vehicle is Rodeo, Jackaroo, Holden, or any other type of vehicle including some reasons like,

  • new vehicles or used once
  • hard to sell
  • damaged
  • running 
  • not running
  • registered
  • unregistered

we will accept all vehicles 

If you don’t have time to sell your unwanted car, truck then this is a great opportunity for you all. You can remove your vehicle at no cost and instead of that you will get cash and enjoy.

Why choose us for car removal?

  • New and used cars and any vehicles
  • Not running cars and vehicles
  • Scrap cars
  • Cars in Pieces
  • Best price for your car

We offer best prices for your unwanted vehicles, Damaged vehicles and even vehicles you think can’t be sold. Our process is simple and very convenient for you. Not even time consuming, Fill the form and that’s it we’ll be there for you. 

Car removal services in Melbourne performed by the pros. Our services are very professional and we always give you the best. It’s not even time consuming, as we provide on the spot services for you all. Be quick and try our services and get Instant cash for that.